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Fast Track 2.0 is intended to improve on Fast Track bringing it into closer alignment with globally established best practices for AEO programs.

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About The Program

The Fast Track 2.0 is an iterative evolution of the existing Fast Track program which has been implemented by the NCS since 2013.

The distinguishing features of Fast Track 2.0 are enumerated below:

  • Transparent and auditable trade facilitation program which is centered on risk-based evaluation.
  • Reduced physical inspections.
  • Enhanced compliance aimed to improve trade facilitation and ease of doing business.

The scope of FT 2.0 is being expanded from existing manufacturers, homogenous goods importers and spare parts importers to all importers, subject to fulfillment of compliance and eligibility criteria as set out in the program design, with NCS retaining the final authority for approval of any company to participate in FT2.0.

Program Benefits

The program boasts of so much benefits including:.

Dedicated PAAR

Dedicated PAAR desk for FT2.0 firms (Pre-Import Stage: Faster PAAR issuance and dispute resolution)


Prepayment of Duty, VAT and other levies. (Pre-Arrival of Goods)


Reduced inspections hence faster clearance of goods (Increased ease of doing business and timely collection of duties, better risk management)


FT 2.0 will have clear Green channel (or special FT2.0 channel) post inspection/ risk-based clearance from port to the warehouse


Risk engine also feeds Ports for Non-Compliant companies


Advanced Ruling on HS Code and Duties can be sought from The Tariff and Trade Division (T&T), which will reduce/eliminate dispute and delays at Port and support Traders sourcing from Tier I and II global manufacturers

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